Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Immersion Assembly Term 2

This is our Immersion Movie about when we went on an Easter Hunt. 
We looked for Easter eggs inside, outside and all around. We looked up
we looked down we looked left and right.  


  1. Hi this is Jordyn from Karoro School. I hope you had lots of fun going
    on your Easter egg hunt. I hope everyone got lots of eggs. If you would like to see my blog then go to Jordyn @ Karoro School and if you would like to see my class blog go to Ruma Whitu @ Karoro School Thank you.😀

  2. Hi room 11! I'm Fynn from Karoro School. I decided to comment on this video because I thought it was cool! This is a great blog and have a nice day :)

  3. Kia ora, my name is Mylah from Karoro School in Greymouth/mawherea. Easter hunting reminds me of being in room 4 and 3 when we used to hide chocolate eggs all around the playground. Was it fun?

  4. Kia ora! I'm Benny from Karoro School. I liked Ruby Rabbit. I also enjoyed the part where the kids are looking up and down. Have a nice day!


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