Friday, August 31, 2018

Collecting Data

In Maths we talked about graphs and why we have them and how important graphs can be. We talked about our pets and who had pets at home. Ms Tumahai drew pictures on the board, she drew a dog , a cat , a bird , rabbit and guinea pig from what the students said of the pets they had at home. Ms Tumahai asked who had a dog at home, and 6 students put their hands up. Ms drew 6 lines like this  and then she asked the same questions with the other pets we have at home.

Ms Tumahai told us we had just collected information about how many students in Room 25 have pets at home. We collected our information using a telly. We are going to make a Pictograph of the information we collected from the students. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018


We have started our project today to build box gardens around the Team 2 space. Mr Vogt and his very kind friends helped , encouraged and taught us how to use the tools we needed to make our gardens. The students had lots of fun. Our maths came in handy as well because we had to measure the wood which is exactly what we are doing in class. 

Home Made Deliciousness

During Lockdown level 4 room 23 have been so busy mixing, whisking, rolling, beating and eating all this delicious food. I'm so happy yo...