Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How to embed different digital learning objects

 Embedding learning into our Blogs

By Ms Tumahai

There are lots of different types of digital learning objects we embed into our blogs on a daily basis.

My favourite thing to share on my blog is my drawing.

The easiest learning to share is my writing in Google Docs, simply just Copy and Paste it from the Google Doc onto your blog. However, don’t forget to use CTRL + SHIFT + V so that it gets rid of the formatting. You can always change the formatting on your blog.

Take a look at the other ways below


Friday, May 13, 2022

Touch typing in Room 11.

In Room 11 we have been learning to be amazing touch typists. It is really difficult. Nooroa thinks touch typing is hard. Norman thinks it is a lot of fun because he wants to type like Mr Goodwin. Diana-Grace likes typing club because it helps her to be a good typist and she tries really hard not to look under her book. 


Wednesday, May 4, 2022


This is my maths.

Making Noodle soup

My name is Shalom and today is my first day at school. On my first day at Pt England School, we did Instructional writing of how to make noodle soup. 
This is what I did.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

About Me in Google Draw


This week, during our cyber smart lesson with Mr Goodwin,  Room 11 learnt how to use google draw. We learnt to resize images, use different shapes and fonts, and use google search to find images that relate to who we are.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Google Draw

 As part of our classroom cyber smart learning, Mr Goodwin taught us all how to use google draw by drawing this fishbowl using the shapes and the curser line to draw rocks and seaweed. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Mask on Mask off


In a mask on World, the students are finding it difficult to hear and understand instructions.  It's becoming quite exhausting trying to breathe through the mask, give the instruction the first time only to have to repeat it. My students can't see my facial reactions, so they can't see whether or not I'm happy or sad. 
We can't sing unless we are outside and we all know our kids loved to sing. 
I'm done reminding the students over and over throughout the day  " Nose to Chin" so now I say " If your mask has slipped down passed your nose then pop it back up" and this seems to be working better. 
There are so many complications in our mask on World, but our safety is important and for the time being, we must continue to do what we know and have been told.
In a mask off World, I want to see our kids entertain us again with their singing and performing, our kids shine in this area. I can't wait for this to happen. If we are happy and safe then we are learning. In small groups. We are able to be closer to each other. 

How to embed different digital learning objects

  Embedding learning into our Blogs By Ms Tumahai There are lots of different types of digital learning objects we embed into our blogs on a...