Thursday, December 3, 2020

Tie Dye T-shirts

 In  room 23 this term we have been focusing on colour in our Art Alive inquiry and how colour makes us feel. We have created lots of artwork using colour and have been inspired by famous artists such as Kandinsky, Monet, Andy Warhol and his pop art. Experimenting with pastels, paint, and dye we even tie-dyed our own t-shirts. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Writing Inquiry

It is that time where we give the students a writing experience to write a recount on for E-asTTle test. We came up with an idea that was so much fun. The students were excited, we gave no clues away until the very moment they were about to start. This experience tied in well with our whole school inquiry of Art Alive. We colour, skills, teamwork and patients. The outcome was a piece of art to display in the classroom and a cool experience to write a recount.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Whiria te Tangata

Today Room 23 were very pleased to be going to Room 5 and Whaea Kelly to build relationships with our year 8 students. The year 8 students helped us by sharing their knowledge of making virtual libraries. We were each given an older student to work with. They asked us lots of questions we were a bit shy.We thought this was really cool though. We thought it was awesome choosing our own images, scenes and backgrounds. Check out our individual blogs for our virtual libraries. Mauruuru ki te wa kua pau i te ako mai ia koe


Friday, September 11, 2020

Tongan Language Week 2020

This week in Room 23 we have totally embraced Tongan Language week. The beginning of the day starts with the Tongan National Anthem. We learned to read Tongan using text that is in both english and Tongan. We learned how to draw Tongan patterns and on the last day we tried some Tongan food. Thanks to Mrs TA and Miss Timmi for their contributions to the week.

Year 3 Boys Cross Country

 We had our school Cross Country today and it was a very nice day. The music was great and everyone made a great effort to dress in their house colours. Ms Tumahai, Ms Hill and Mrs Mackinlay had fun cheering us all on. Room 23 has been practising every day and our hard work has paid off. Out of the Year 3 boys, Jerymiah came 1st, Noa came 2nd, Elijah from Room 22 came 3rd, and Maung Maung came 4th.  Ponyamon came 5th. It was a great afternoon.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Henna with Mrs Carter

 As part of our Inquiry in A World of Difference, we invited Mrs Carter to our class to talk about her culture. Mrs Carter is from India and she knows a lot about India. Mrs Carter painted Henna on our hands. We felt very special.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Crazy hair , Mufti and wheels day


In-Room 23  we raised $17 on our mufti day. We get to have ice cream at the end of the day. Our class wore wigs and we all agree that Maung Maung had the best wig.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kiwi Sport Dance

 We have been really enjoying Kiwi Sport Dance our dance teacher is Ms D and she is a really cool dancer. We dance to our favourite music and we even learned Samoan dance.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Te Reo under the Sun

 Today we had Te reo in the sun with Whaea Mare ann. We all said the prayer and sang waiata this afternoon. There was lots of activity going on around us but we tried our best not to stay on tasks this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Playing with Cody Rocky

In Bubble School today we got out the Cody Rocky. I learned to use coding to move Cody Rocky, it was tricky but Eve was happy to help us all.


Monday, August 10, 2020

The Statue of Liberty

 One lunchtime Noa found some chalk on the ground so he decided to draw The Statue of Liberty on the ground. I thought this was very good. We have been practising drawing landmarks and obviously, Noa remembered how to draw The Statue of Liberty.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Silhouette and Pastel Art

For art this week we talked about Silhouette and how silhouettes leave the viewer with a sense of curiosity and the chance to fill in the spaces with your own imagination. So we chose a Landmark. Next, we looked and pastel colours. We discussed how hot colours would be yellows, reds, and oranges and cool colours would be different shades of blue and green. We watched as Ms Tumahai chose cool colours and began colouring the background for her landmark silhouette. Ms Tumahai blended the colours together which made it another colour which was very nice.  This is our Silhouette and Pastel Art.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

A World of Difference

Our classroom inquiry display has some really cool 3D puzzle Landmarks. We will be using different mediums in the arts to create some of the Landmarks in the image below.

Our maps are low enough for us to find the places where the landmarks are like, the giant gumboot, Lemon and Paeroa and The Auckland War Memorial just to name a few. 


Friday, May 29, 2020

Matariki 2020

Our Matariki Celebration day today was really lovely. Mrs Sio and I had crafts, Kai and planting. We made Matariki star using cellophane and black paper, and we made a mural with the cellophane on Ms Tumahai's window. Mrs Sio planted silverbeet in the garden. Thanks to Mr Shaw for showing us how to plant using a dibber we used the scissors. The students were really amazing and got on well with each other. To end the day we had Nutella sandwiches. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Kia mau tonu te tūmanako

Our PENN Movie this term is about Never losing hope. We discussed the meaning of Hope.
This is what the students said: 
it's how you feel, sometimes it's sad, never give up, when something happens to you, a wish, Love, Aroha, help, being kind, talking, forgive. 
Two days before Lockdown we filmed parts of the movie and given the situation the country is in now, I thought this was appropriate for this time.    
        This is our hope tree we made leaves and wrote our feelings on them. We will continue to add more leaves throughout the year.

Friday, May 1, 2020

What have you been up to?

I am very proud of all the students in Room 23 you have all worked so hard during Lockdown. Please take some time to check out the student's blogs and please comment. 
Nate has been doing his online learning and cooking, well done Nate.

Alex did some art during Bubble school

Anne Marie wrote this story about ANZAC.
My Anzac long weekend with my family, Me and my little brother was drawing a vivid red flower as a remembrance of Anzac day. The next day I went with my family to our church car park to ride our bike and scooters. The final day of Anzac I went with my family for a walk at the Panmure Basin and it was fun.

Eve has been learning about Landforms

Monday, April 20, 2020

Google Hangout.

After Easter, we stared our Google Hangouts with our teachers. It was really exciting seeing our teachers and friends. We talked about how we are feeling and what we have been up to at home during the lockdown. We are learning GM4GM, which means having Good Manners for Google meets. We need to stay on the screen during the meetings. We need to indicate by putting our thumbs up or putting our hand up when we want to talk and one of the teachers will say your name and only that person talks. We do this by unmuting the microphone and when we have finished talking we need to mute the microphone to allow others to talk and be heard. Our meeting times are at 11.30 every morning and we need to be on time. If we are late and the meeting has started we just wave to let the teachers know we are here and sorry for being late. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Holiday Learning

Our second week became the first week of our school holidays. This meant finding ways the students could still be learning, but just in a fun, relaxed, no-pressure way, that would help keep the students interested in learning online. So our wonderful teachers came up with this Holiday Learning Journey
check the link to find out what the students had to do.
All the student did very well and these are the top prize winners. Well done everyone we are so proud of you all. 

All of our students got Participant awards.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Our Learning Online.

Our online learning looks like this. First, there's an introduction from one of our teachers. They tell us what the date is and remind us how and where to access the days' activities. We have our writing and maths books at home and this is where we write. Each learning area has a video of one of the teachers giving us instructions of what we have to do. When we can and if we are able we can post or finished work on our blogs. When we post our work on our blogs the teachers will leave a comment, it is polite to thank the people commenting on your blog. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Level 4 Lockdown No School learning.

Wednesday the 25th March our Government announced the whole of New Zealand will go into Level 4 Lockdown for a period of 4 weeks. This is because of the Corona Virus Covid 19 which is affecting the whole world at the moment. All the schools are closing and all the students will be learning at home with whanau. Our teachers and support staff worked hard to make sure we had learning packs. Some students got to take chrome books home. All the Block teachers dropped our learning packs to our homes. Ms Tumahai dropped my pack last because her house is not far from mine. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Today we are going to ice biscuits. First Ms Tumahai and Ms TA put the icing sugar into a bowl. Then water that was boiling hot, that's why Ms Tumahai poured the water into the bowl with icing sugar. Our favourite part was when we got to chose different colours for the icing. We had yellow, green, blue and red. We got a biscuit each and we got to ice our own biscuit. It was lots of fun.

We had to write a recount of what we did.
 First, we washed our hands and then Ms Tumahai gave us a biscuit on a paper towel.
Then we took it to the table to chose which colour we wanted to put on our biscuit. I chose red, that is my favourite colour. Next, I get the knife and put some red icing on it and spread it on my biscuit. Then we sat on the mat and eat it. We made another one but we eat it at morning tea we had to start writing.  
By Tatiana.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Science Experiment

Today we did a science experiment for writing. We were writing a recount so we had to follow exactly what to do so we could write in the order of when we did it and what happens. To do this we needed milk, dishwashing Liquid and different colour dye.
We also needed a white bowl, jug and a cotton bud.
First, we put milk in the bowl and then we put a drop of yellow, blue, red and green dye in the milk. We dipped our cotton bud into some dishwashing Liquid and then we very gently put the cotton bud into the centre of the bowl and waited. We watched the colours dance around the bowl it was very mesmerizing and beautiful. We later learned that the dishwashing liquid causes the fat and the water in the milk to separate and spread apart, the result was a movement of colours dancing.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

The New Kids on the Block.

The block is made up of 5 classes, two are year 4 classes, which is a shared learning environment lead by Team leader Miss King alongside her is  Mrs Lordache the two of them are Rooms 19 & 20
Our block is 76 very enthusiastic, energetic lovely 7 and 8-year-old students. This is an Innovative Learning Environment. We have 4 teachers, Miss Scanlan, Mrs Carruthers, Ms Tumahai and Miss Szymanik. The team is made up of 3 home classes. Numeracy is collaborative across the spaces and literary can be done in the home classes. We are all very excited for the year ahead.

This week Duffy Certificates went out to Eve, Alivia, and Alexandra. They each
get to choose their very own new Duffy Book to keep.
Aliana, Ariyana and Angel also got Duffy Certificates. Elijah and Toran were our youngest triathlon competitors in this years Weet-bix triathlon. We are so proud of the boys for their participation and amazing attitude. Well done boys!   

Home Made Deliciousness

During Lockdown level 4 room 23 have been so busy mixing, whisking, rolling, beating and eating all this delicious food. I'm so happy yo...