Monday, March 30, 2020

Our Learning Online.

Our online learning looks like this. First, there's an introduction from one of our teachers. They tell us what the date is and remind us how and where to access the days' activities. We have our writing and maths books at home and this is where we write. Each learning area has a video of one of the teachers giving us instructions of what we have to do. When we can and if we are able we can post or finished work on our blogs. When we post our work on our blogs the teachers will leave a comment, it is polite to thank the people commenting on your blog. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Level 4 Lockdown No School learning.

Wednesday the 25th March our Government announced the whole of New Zealand will go into Level 4 Lockdown for a period of 4 weeks. This is because of the Corona Virus Covid 19 which is affecting the whole world at the moment. All the schools are closing and all the students will be learning at home with whanau. Our teachers and support staff worked hard to make sure we had learning packs. Some students got to take chrome books home. All the Block teachers dropped our learning packs to our homes. Ms Tumahai dropped my pack last because her house is not far from mine. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Today we are going to ice biscuits. First Ms Tumahai and Ms TA put the icing sugar into a bowl. Then water that was boiling hot, that's why Ms Tumahai poured the water into the bowl with icing sugar. Our favourite part was when we got to chose different colours for the icing. We had yellow, green, blue and red. We got a biscuit each and we got to ice our own biscuit. It was lots of fun.

We had to write a recount of what we did.
 First, we washed our hands and then Ms Tumahai gave us a biscuit on a paper towel.
Then we took it to the table to chose which colour we wanted to put on our biscuit. I chose red, that is my favourite colour. Next, I get the knife and put some red icing on it and spread it on my biscuit. Then we sat on the mat and eat it. We made another one but we eat it at morning tea we had to start writing.  
By Tatiana.

Home Made Deliciousness

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