Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Digital Tecnology

Today we met Whaea Bex from Digital Technology. Whea Bex will be helping us to better understand digital technology. We got into groups of 3 and Whaea Bex told us to put the hand that we write with behind our backs and the 1 hand to make a paper plane. This required us all to communicate, work together as a team. We were very successful. 



  1. Hi My name is Holly At Awhitu District school.We have been looking at your blogs And really like them . We would like to do this in our classroom.My teacher said maybe we could skype, we are a year 4-5 class.and we hace just got all our own devices. could you email my teacher at

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Holly, thank you so much. I have spoken to Room 11 and the are very keen to make contact. I will email your teacher.

  3. hi the plan game you guys did looks so fun


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