Friday, February 3, 2017

Chip Sandwiches

This morning we made chip sandwiches. 

Ms Tumahai told us that her favourite sandwich is marmite and chip. Some of us have not had that before so Ms Tumahai bought some bread, marmite and chips so we could all try it. We made our own sandwich and sat on the deck and ate it. Some of us thought it was yummy and nice.

We drew pictures of our marmite and chip sandwiches on our ipads.


  1. Oh YUMMY Rm 26!! That's my favourite sammie too!! I wish I could have come and eaten some with you. I hope you are having a wonderful time and looking after my friend Miss Tumahai! Love and miss you all!! xoxoxo

  2. We love and miss you tooo Ms George!!

  3. Thank you for trying my favourite sandwich Room 26, I know some of you were not too keen with the marmite but I'm really pleased you tried it anyway.

  4. Hello Room 26! How exciting another year full of fun and learning! Looking forward to seeing you all learning and having fun! luv nanny xox

  5. Thanks Ella's nanny, I have heard you are the number 1 blogger. Thank you and I'll share this with the students on Tuesday. Hope we get to meet you next time you are in New Zealand.

  6. Definately can't wait to meet you. We will be coming over in June and I would love to spend the day in Ella's class again... I had so much fun with Ms George and Ms Peck so can't wait to do it again. Love this Blog love seeing what Ella and all the kids are up to. xoxox



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