Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Room 26 2017

Room 26 would like to welcome you to our Blog

First day of school is always a nervous time for me and I'm sure the children felt the same way.
Some of you I taught in the New Entrant class Room 20 and some of you are the siblings of the students I taught in 2016. I am so happy to have you all and we are going to have a wonderful year.  


  1. Love the class photo Room 26.
    Amira was in Room 20 when you were there & she was happy to find out she had you again this year. Look forward to seeing more blogs 😊

  2. Thanks Winnie, I was also happy when I saw my class list for 2017 and saw that I had some of my old kids.

  3. Don't forget to leave a comment on your daughters blog as well Winnie, Amira will love that. You can access her blog at the sidebar
    on the left.



Today for writing Room 25 and Ms Tumahai made play dough. Ms Tumahai made some kakariki (green), Whero (red), Kowhai (yellow) and kikorangi...